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ATP Ply is made out of specially selected high density plantation wood produced by farmers. The veneers are pressed under high temperature & pressure and is bonded with superior grade resin (conforming to IS:848, manufactured at our own resin plant) resulting in a product which is structurally strong, extra durable and has superior nail holding capacity.

The veneer treatment and glue line poisoning used for the manufacture of ATP plywood makes them resistant to borers, fungus, rot and other destructive micro-organisms on its own. The ply goes through a special treatment using high quality preservatives which makes them free from any decay and termite attack.

M.R. Grade Plywood

ATP ISI marked M.R. Grade plywood is an improved quality of general plywood. ATP M.R. grade ply is bonded with Melamine Urea Formaldehyde resin that makes its surface exceptionally bright, shiny and moisture resistant. The use of this resin gives our plywood enough strength to resist warm water up to long hours.

B.W.R. Grade Plywood

ATP ISI marked BWR grade plywood is bonded with advanced Phenol Formaldehyde resin, which makes the products boiling water proof. The ply can withstand all climatic variations and extreme weather changes. By using tenderizing process, stress from the timber is relieved at initial stage itself that makes ATP BWR grade ply warp free and stable. Regular tests are carried out for confirming the quality as per ISI standards.

ATP Plywood conforms to IS : 303

Technical Specification
Moisture Content 6-8%
Glue Shear Strength (N)
a. Dry State BWR – 1500 ; MR – 1200
b. Wet State BWR – 1200 ; MR – 1000
c. Mycological BWR – 1200 ; MR – 1000
Specific Gravity 0.7 to 0.75
Swelling in Water Less than 1%

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