Assam Timber Products – Plywood, Block Board, Flush Door, Decoratives, Marine Ply


ATP Marine plywood passes the most stringent quality tests making it deal even for most harsh marine conditions. No wonder it is the most suitable plywood for premium interior and exterior applications and the ideal choice for architects and interior designers.

ATP Marine plywood has an unflinching stability against weather and undeterred strength against fungal decay, insects, borers and termites.

Select hardwood veneers along with the PF resin of high solid content make the plywood adamantly strong against boiling water and withstand hard saline weather conditions.

The plywood is ruthlessly vacuum-pressure impregnated with powerful preservatives by “full- cell process” imparting it with lifelong resistance against fungal decay, insects, borers & termites.

ATP Marine Plywood conforms to IS : 710

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