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ATP ISI marked Flush Doors have excellent properties in durability and dimensional stability. Various reputed buildings throughout the country have these doors that is an evidence of the commitment from ATP family. Face veneers & cross-bands are made from selected wood uniformly dried to optimum moisture. Kiln seasoned stiles and rails are preservative treated to improve its natural durability. Superior grade phenol formaldehyde resin manufactured resin plant provides 100% boiling water resistant bonding. Doors are pressed at high temperature and pressure, which makes them exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable.

Like all our products, each flush door is finished to perfection to provide long lasting, dependable performance. Regular tests are carried out as per IS:2202 for confirming the quality.

ATP Flush Doors conforms to IS : 2202 (Pt.1)

Technical Specification
Test Requirement of IS 2202 Test Result
Dimensions & Squareness Length-width: +/-5 mm Thickness: +/-1 mm Squareness: 1 mm at a length of 500 mm Length-width: +/-5 mm Thickness: +/-1 mm/-0.2 mm Squareness: < 1 mm at a length of 500 mm
General Flatness < 6.0 mm < 4.0 mm
Local Planeness < 0.5 mm < 0.3 mm
Impact Indentation < 0.2 mm < 0.2 mm
Edge Loading Test Max. Deflection -< 5.0 mm Residual Deflection -< 0.5 mm Lateral Bucking -< 2.0 mm Max. Deflection -< 3.0 mm Residual Deflection -< 0.3 mm Lateral Bucking -< 1.0 mm
Shock Resistance Test Should withstand 5 impacts Can withstand 15 impacts
Misuse Test Pass Excellent
End Immersion Test No delamination in one cycle Can undergo three cycles without any delamination
Knife/Glue Adhesion – Test Pass Excellent
Screw Withdrawal Resistance > 1000 N > 1500 N

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