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For interior decoration and panelling, plywood is a much superior medium. This plywood is given natural edge overall others in creating elemental and functional interior of classical imagination of its superior finish of the surface. It has the widest range of colours which finishes and grains consistency of ATP. It offers enormous possibilities of beautiful and aesthetic application, it also comes in imported teak veneers in large number of teak surface finishes and radiant colours, characteristic of hardwood trees of Europe and US. These are most suitable for manufactured location. Like all other products of ATP these decorative plywood are also manufactured under strict quality control.

ATP decorative plywood are made from plain veneer that pass through a dying process to give you a wide spectrum of shades and patterns, they also referred to as a mirror reflection of natural decorative plywood, that is available at most affordable prices. You will find replicas of most exotic varieties of natural species in our collection. Be it a home, office or a hotel, decorative plywood makes interiors come alive with its different shades and patterns.

ATP Decoratives conforms to IS : 1328

Technical Specification
Test Prescribed Value
a) Length-mm Tolerance +6 mm to -0 mm
b) Width-mm Tolerance +3 mm to -0 mm
c) Thickness + 5%
Squareness-% 0.2
Edge Straightness-% 0.2
Finish As per clause 9
Moisture content-% 5-15
Surface Defects As per clause 7
Water Resistance test No declamation

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