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ATP ISI marked Block Boards are made from seasoned and treated plantation timber. The batons are made with outmost care so that defectless wood can be there inside the block board. The straight and long batons are derived from selected big girth and long logs. Block Boards are pressed at a higher pressure than other and are bonded with superior M.R. grade U.F. resin that makes ATP boards dense like a solid wood. ATP boards do no twist and are perfect for interior uses. Safest preservatives are used in ATP boards to protect from borers and other attacks.

M.R. Grade Block Board

Interior grade (ICOM) ATP boards have enough strength to resist warm water.

B.W.R. Grade Block Board

Exterior Grade (XCOM) ATP block boards are bonded with superior grade phenol formaldehyde resin, which makes ATP a boiling waterproof product suitable for exterior purpose.

ATP Block Board conforms to IS : 1659

Technical Specification
Dimensional changes caused by humidity no delamination; Dimensional changes +-1mm
Resistance to water Excellent
Adhesion of plies Excellent
Mycological Test No separations of edges
Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2) Grade 1 – above 5000; grade 2 – above 4000
Modulus of rupture (N/mm2) Grade 1 – above 50; grade 2 – above 40

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